Eagle PCB for 100MHz OCXO PLL

First draft of the design for the 100MHz OCXO PLL to lock the Valpey-Fisher 100MHz reference oscillator to my 10MHz Rubidium atomic clock reference.  First time I’ve used Eagle in anger.

The completed board is 43 x 63mm.  It is not at all optimised, I could probably make it half the size with practice, but this was a learning exercise.

I’ve submitted the .brd file to http://www.eurocircuits.com/ and five proto boards on 7 day delivery with no masks, legends or gold finish work out at just over 8 euro each plus VAT and 2 euro postage.

If this works out OK, I’ll be using this outfit again, the website made it amazingly simple.  Just hope the boards arrive and are up to the quality of the ones in their Youtube video


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