Ideas for a 3.4 and 10GHz feedhorn

I’ve been trying out some ideas for a feedhorn that uses the dielectric-horn POTY approach with a 22mm circular guide for 10GHz suspended in the mouth of a 9cm horn. Quick video of the idea shows some issues, like it only works with the coax feed to the 10GHz horn when it is cross-polarized. Needs a lot more thought, but I needed to do this sketch to get it clear in my head. The outer tube is almost transparent in this rendering. It is 180mm long and 68mm OD. The open end of the 22mm tube will have an HB9PZK dielectric lens and the 68mm tube will have a thin dielectric plastic disk with a hole to support the 22mm tube. Hopeless like this though because of the cross-polarisation issue. More thought needed.

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