SCAM mast Spigot for 48mm Scaffold Pole

For the Goole Radio and Electronics Society entry in the RSGB SSB Field Day contest, we needed to fit some 3m extension scaffold poles on top of a pair of SCAM12s to support our doublet. I made up some 40mm spigots which are a push fit into the poles, and fitted a locking bolt, and made the SCAM spigot as a sliding fit at -0.15mm as usual. Made from aluminium extruded bar stock.

I made up some M8 threaded lockbolts by turning down some M10 bolts to 8mm diameter and cutting an M8 thread on the lathe.

Spigot with a 50p coin for scale
Spigots with M10 bolts turned and rethreaded as M8
Spigots fitted into the ends of the scaffold poles

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