24GHz Round Flange Coupler

I was asked to make up some quick-detach coupling tubes to allow two 24GHz round flanges to be clamped together. I made a tube with a 22mm x 0.75mm thread outside and broached a keyway slot, then made a brass key to fit and fixed it with Loctite. So far I’ve only made up one of the clamp rings, I’m waiting for a real example to turn up so I can get the tolerances exactly right. All its fine so far though.

The coupling ring with key and one of the locking nuts
Pair of round flanges inside the coupling ring
Locking nut fitted to one side

HB9PZK POTY Lenses for 10GHz QO-100 downlink

Willi HB9PZK modelled a Rexolite lens for a “POTY” dual-band patch antenna to use on the 10GHz downlink from the QO-100 amateur satellite. https://rfantennas.wordpress.com/author/hb9pzk/

The design is a joy to make when compared with the dual-taper versions. I have some one-inch Rexolite 1422 round bar, so I’ve been making a few of these lenses to replace the lossy Nylon versions that some folks are using. Rexolite is a cross-linked polystyrene, which machines rather like plexiglas. It has a tan-delta around 0.0004 and almost zero water absorption.

Willi’s design has a stepped transition to the read. This latest batch is to fit UK 22mm plumbing pipe with a nominal wall thickness of 0.9mm and an inside bore of 20.2mm instead of the standard 20.0 bore.

Two Rexolite HB9PZK-designed lenses for 20.2mm ID waveguide
One of the lenses fitted to a POTY