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Noise floor and MDS tests of Elad FDM-DUO

Been doing some tests of my Elad FDM-DUO on HF bands with my noise-ridden lab environment.  Using my HP E4421B sig gen with 30dB screened attenuator, the minimum discernable signal using PI-RX and JT4A is:
472: -150dBm
1820: -150dBm
3503: -148dBm
5379: -149dBm
7010: -150dBm
10102: -149dBm
14002: -147dBm
18080: -146dBm
21005: -147dBm
24900: -144dBm
28005: -144dBm
28200: -145dBm
28500: -142dBm
29500: -144dBm
50200: -144dBm

I was wondering if I was getting noise from the local environment up the coax outer or power/control leads, but those measurements were made with the coax screen of the HF antenna connected to the radio, so I guess not.

With the antennas connected (at 2200utc), I see a noise floor of -142dBm on 28MHz, only a couple of dB more than with a dummy load. On 18MHz, about the same. Across the bands from 18MHz to 30MHz, I see a few tones and squiggles, worst tones about -120dBm. Looks like I don’t have any significant local noise, at least between 18MHz and 30MHz. Interesting. Bit different on LF and VHF, where I have some work to do!

As ever, this was MY Duo and MY lab, YMMV!

IOTA contest – G4DBN reappears on HF

Step one:  find a WebSDR site and realise you can still copy CW quite fast

Step two:  tie a rock on the end of a rope and throw it into a tree

Step three:  find a reel of TV coax and some transformer wire and a bit of perspex.

Step four: make a 20m dipole.

Step five: retrieve ancient Kenwood from a dust-covered box

Step six: put a 9V battery in ancient homebrew keyer and plug in dusty Bencher paddle.

Outcome: Enormous fun playing in the IOTA contest