I am a mostly self-taught machinist, with a machine shop built around a manual Bridgeport mill and a Colchester 1800 lathe, with TIG welding, presses, rollers and metrology tools. I work mainly in aluminium, brass, copper, stainless, titanium, tool steel, mild steel, engineering plastics and dielectrics. My main software tools are Fusion360 CAD, Eagle PCB, OpenEMS FDTD and MATLAB/Octave.

My Youtube channel is Machining and Microwaves

I am always interested in working on prototyping and short runs, preferably connected with amateur radio, radio astronomy or antenna engineering. I don’t run a job-shop, I have a day job doing cybersecurity, and I am not good at deadlines as a result. This is absolutely not a commercial operation, just an extension of the stuff I make for myself.

If you have an interesting project and you aren’t in a tearing hurry, drop me a line to or via Twitter @g4dbn