122 GHz

I was inspired by the crowdfunded project to use a TRA_120_002 radar chip in a simple transceiver, and decided to make some parts to help experimenters get the best out of the boards. I’ll add more links to the various sub-projects soon. There is an article about the parts I have been making in DUBUS 3/2020 p104

I am making some of the coupler and horns for sale. W2IMUs in various f/d ratios, choked horns, Pickett-Potters, flanged couplers and various accessories for mounting and adaptation to other waveguides.

I am only a part-time hobby machinist, so delivery times are somewhat variable. Cost of the UG387/U flanged coupler in the image above is £22 plus postage. Horns are in the £14 to £20 range. Postage is a nightmare at present, so I try to use DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT when possible. It is very expensive to send a single horn to the USA or Australia, the postage cost for one item is often more than the cost of the horn. However, I can send twenty for the same price!

I’ll add more details soon, but in the interim, please send an email to neil@g4dbn.uk for more info