Quick phase noise tests with KE5FX PN


This is a first shot at using the KE5FX suite of GPIB applications with my HP 8562A spectrum analyser.  Input was from my DB6NT TR1296H transverter driven by my Elad FDM-DUO.  50dB of attenuation of the 10 watt output gave me -10dBm into the 8562A. This is three runs at 1kHz to 1MHz using mostly default settings just to get a feel for the process.

I also ran similar tests with my E4421B signal generator and found it was a few dB better from 10kHz to 100kHz, but a few dB worse from 1kHz to 10kHz.

Now I need to try with some longer plot averaging runs and see if I can understand what goes wrong closer in than 1kHz.   I guess I need a really pure crystal oscillator to use as a reference tone.

Somewhere I have a KK7B LO board, maybe that would drive a doubler and give me a clean phase-noise-free source?

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