Portable mast support with SCAM12 legs

As I have two sets of SCAM12 pump-up mast legs, one original, and one set I made, I thought to might be useful to make a cage so I could use them with a 2 inch aluminium mast for when the 90kg of SCAM12 is too much to haul about.

SCAM legs being put to good use

Simple cage with 1 inch steel box sections to fit the SCAM legs

Turned pins and snap-rings to lock the legs in place

I didn’t have any 3/8 inch roll pins so used a bit of M8 threaded bar instead.  The cap bolt is to lock the cage in place during deployment.

The cage is just made from scrap I had kicking about in the machine shop.

At the top of the pole, I use a nice simple collar and slip-ring/guy plate arrangement.  This is for a base-mounted rotator of course




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