VDSL interference – Notches

A quick update on the state of interference to my HF reception from my neighbours’ VDSL services. Almost certainly a result of poor internal cabling and line balance issues.  Very successfully drive me off HF.  The depth of the notches shows what could be achieved if BT would simply notch out the amateur bands, with almost no effect on throughput.

I took some samples at lunchtime of the VDSL noises as received on my 80m dipole (at least 40m away from any houses) to show the notches and relative levels on each band.  Spectrum displays are at

This is from a resonant antenna, so the spectra are very much *not* representative of the real levels outside of 80m and odd harmonics, but the steps are still highly obvious.  If only the infrastructure could notch out the ham bands as well….  Oh wait, it can, but BT can’t be bothered to do it.  Funny, that.

I am lucky in that when I transmit, only a few of the carriers drop out and get replaced with hugely loud pilot tones.  Perhaps I should volunteer to fix the cabling issues for the neighbours and speed up their broken crappy broadband service, but when the uneducated and technically unaware amongst them get a sniff that there is some connection between their crappy performance and my interest in radio, the pitchforks come out.

Sorry neighbours, you are on your own and I’ll come back to HF when FTTP arrives.  Thanks BT, you’ve killed part of my  hobby with your brain-dead technology.




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