More VDSL interference – The Notches

VDSL interference in upload band U1 up to the notch at 3700-3750, then band D1 from there to 5200kHz

Notch at 5200kHz at the end of band U1, then from 5250kHz upwards in band D2

Band D2 has a sort-of notch around 8450kHz, then the true horror of band U2 starts at 8500 and carries on, wiping out 30M completely.  This carries on up to 12MHz

Nice notch at 12MHz where band D2 starts at 12050, but ths pulsing and pilot tones go on way past 17.6MHz for me at least, but then we have 70Mbps or higher download rates in this end of the village.  I can see pilot tones and pulsing noise way past 35MHz

I can detect huge levels of transmission from various neighbours, I guess they all have rotten internal cabling, but I am not even going to mention it as at least one has already asked if my aerials cause his crappy mobile phone signal.  I blame the education system.  Oh wait, he used to be a teacher.  Hmmmm.

Strangely, my VDSL is connected using a nice short lead to a carefully-installed modem plugged directly into the master socket, and I cannot hear a peep out of it whether it is on or off.  Funny, that.  Hard to blame BT for the inadequacies of internal house wiring.  I’ve moved to VHF/UHF/SHF until FTTP arrives.

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