Finger-trap cable support

I use a four-strand finger trap terminated with a four-fold sinnet plait to support long dangling lengths of coax on my pump-up masts. (Sorry to get highly basketmaker-technical, but I am a basketmaker!)

This one was done in a couple of minutes on a bit of 25mm Alkathene water pipe. I use a bigger version of this for a bundle of five big coaxes and various control and power leads. This one is done upside-down really, I would normally start from the shackle, doing a 4-fold sinnet plait, then change to finger-trap weave, then bind and tape the ends at the lowest point where there is almost no tension. This one is designed for re-use, and will slip on and off a pole or pipe or cable very easily by removing the tape

I tested one of these to over 200kg on a scrap bit of armoured cable, and pulled 100m of alkathene through a duct with a big winch without any problems.

Interesting paper on an improved version to fix grafts in place and pull blood vessels and other tissues.


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