23cm Isolator enclosure

Nice simple machining job to enclose a 1.3GHz RFCI drop-in isolator (three-port circulator with a dummy load on the third port) and act as a heatspreader in case of a load fault. I had bought six RFSL2347s direct from RFCI, but only needed three. They can handle 200W CW, 1kW peak and 100W CW dissipation.

I sold two and this one was spare. I ran up a CAD design in Fusion360 to get the dimensions right, but then made it on my manual Bridgeport mill.

CAD drawing with transparent lid
Finished body with N sockets and isolator
With the lid, showing the 8-24 UNC hole for a feedthru capacitor from a diode to detect if there is any dissipation in the load from a mismatch on the output port
Underside of the body. 4.3mm clearance holes allow it to be bolted to a heatsink or chassis

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