More 122GHz Chaparral® Style feedhorns

I made up another batch of my variant of the VK3CV model choked Chaparral®-style feedhorns. Chokes are 7mm diameter, bore is 2mm, Body is 30.75 x 15mm, with an adjustable 4mm diameter coupling cavity. These are made from brass.

Grooves are 0.5mm wide by 0.75mm deep, made with a toolpost spindle at 14,000 rpm using a two-flute carbide end mill in the lathe at 8rpm

First of the batch fresh from machining.
Batch of completed feedhorns ready to debur and finish.
Microscope view of the 0.5mm grooves
Part-machined battels and coupler bodies
M8 x 0.5mm mandrel to machine locknuts to thickness
Spacer and part-machined locknut on the mandrel ready to machine to thickness
Toolpost spindle drive made to fit my Aloris-style toolpost. 600W, 48V variable speed motor

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