I am entitled to my own opinion (NOT)

No. No, you aren’t.

I had a bit of a rant earlier on a technical forum. The discussion had been going on for too long already, but I just had to have a rant. Luckily, the moderator had closed the subject by the time I pressed Send.

It went like this:

Stuff was being discussed which was off topic for the forum, but the poster felt was of interest (it was about GDPR relating to club membership, but that’s not important). The poster said “well if you aren’t interested, you can mute the subject”. Here is my rant, for what it is worth (not very much!)

——– snip ——–

Agreed, but by discussing non-tech matters here, we are excluding the large group of people with knowledge and experience in such topics who are not members of this technical forum.  There is another IO group called RSGB Forum with 213 members where those with knowledge and experience gather to extract grains of Truth from the maelstrom of Opinion.

There is a high noise level of abject piffle in many discussion forums these days. My personal bugbear is replies to queries saying “I don’t know anything about the subject in question, but if I was you, I would……” coming from people who like the sound of their own typing, but have nothing useful to say.

I note the rules on a scientific forum (of which I am not a member) which says “No, you are not entitled to your Opinion, here we deal only in Facts”.   The rise of false equivalence between experts and non-experts with an opinion/belief (and an overblown sense of entitlement) is one of the things poisoning much of our public discourse.

Apologies for abusing the bandwidth of the forum with my unqualified and quasi-religious zealotry about this matter.

Neil G4DBN

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