Lantern chuck DRAWINGS

Image of a brass and steel lantern chuck
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I made a video on Youtube about making a lantern chuck which I needed to grip a batch of M5 cap screws so I could machine a domed end to the threaded shaft, then polish them. A few folks have asked for the drawings. If I made another of these, I’d probably make the brass collar 10mm longer and the openings 15mm longer, and maybe make the collets slightly smaller. I don’t have a drawing of the insides of the shaft, it is just a simple magnetic hex-socket fitting as used to hold screwdriver bits, in a hole reamed to be a sliding fit. I milled a slot in the side and fitted a dog-point grub screw to prevent rotation, then used another grub screw in an M6 tapped hole at the rear end to fix the position of the bit-holder. Finally, I made a pointed locking grub screw to clamp the other grubs screw in place. Details are on and drawings are here. I can send the DXF on request, I can’t upload it here