E-Field Active Antenna

This project is being implemented by the Goole Radio and Electronics Society. The antenna uses the modified PA0RDT Mini-Whip design. The PCB and component kit was put together as a kit by the late Dave Powis G4HUP and now sold by the UK Radio Astronomy Association. The kit only includes the electronics. I decided to make a proper enclosure, couplers and fittings to make a decent mechanical solution.

Standard post-mount base clamps and insulated offset mounts to fix to a shed or wooden post
The completed radome assembly mounted on a 32mm aluminium mast
Aluminium collar, PCB enclosure and radome mount
Radome cap with 22mm internal recess for the probe
Radome with cap
Probe support bush
PCB from UKRAA kit, assembled with a soldering iron and 0.3mm solder
PCB inside the collar. It will be potted to prevent moisture damage
Collar fitted to the mounting pole and radome. All sections will be filled with PU foam once tested
Brass end plug (tapped M4) soldered to the end of the 22mm copper tube
Base insulator and spacer with fixing screw – needs to be brass though!
Top cap fitted – I may need to shorten the probe, but best to start long
Exploded view of the larger probe. Standard probe is 100mm
Common mode choke enclosure
Adjustable mount in place (early version without the common mode choke)
Mounting plate, mast clamp and saddles
Mounting plate with angle adjuster
angle adjustment slot
Insulated gland at mast base for the coax connection to the screened, isolated common mode choke box