Porthole heatspreader for 5.7GHz masthead enclosure

The new 5.7GHz system is ready to mount on the dish, on top of the SCAM12 pump-up mast with the tilting 95cm offset dish and 10GHz system. I’m using a Schneider IP66 rated case made from mild steel with a powder-coated finish. I’ll be adding cable glands and a Gore-Tex breather plug, and flushing the case with dry Argon, and adding a silica gel pack before it is locked and fitted on the mast. The existing 10GHz kit is in an identical case, but I’ll be moving it to the new dish, which has a -7 to +57 degree elevation drive and well as 450 degree azimuth rotation. Initially, I won’t fit the 12W PA, as I haven’t finished it yet, but everything else is sorted and will go in the box tomorrow.

Steel enclosure with milled “porthole”

The inside plate with 1.45mm raised section to fit through the porthole
The outside plate. External heatsinks will fix here
Milling the raised section on the inside plate
The two plates – too shiny to photograph so the M4 hex key is there to add context
Inside plate fitted
View inside with the inside plate fixed, ready for marking out
The view from the back with the outer plate bolted in place